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Fire Department Study



Morristown is committed to providing high quality services that are efficient and effective. A recent study of Fire Department operations was undertaken to assess how well our fire protection meets those standards. The City asked the Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS), an agency of the University of Tennessee, to review fire operations and make recommendations for improvements.

The MTAS report (see link below) demonstrates the dedication of our firefighters and the high level of service that they provide. The Insurance Services Office, Inc., also known as ISO, is a for-profit corporation that works for insurance companies to evaluate the capability of a community to suppress fires. ISO rates a community on a scale of 1 through 10. An ISO rating of 1 is the best (only 0.13% of the fire departments in the country have a Class 1 rating). An ISO rating of 10 is equivalent to not having any fire protection. Morristown has a Class 3 rating. ISO rates a community based upon three major categories: communication (10% of the rating), fire department (50% of the rating), and water supply (40% of the rating). This rating allows citizens and businesses to save millions each year in reduced insurance premiums.

Other areas where the report reflects the quality of fire service in Morristown is in the staffing levels which allows adequate personnel to respond to calls and the high quality of training given to all members of the department.

We are proud of our Fire Department and want to thank each member of the team that works to protect our citizens every day. We plan to use the report to develop a long term plan to address some of the needs to replace equipment and facilities to insure that the community’s fire protection continues to be a strength for years to come.

Please take a few minutes to review the report to learn more about your City’s fire service.

Link to MTAS Study.