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Commissioner Boyd tours MAHLE expansion; Colortech new facility

Tennessee Economic Development Commissioner Randy Boyd converses with Michael Gray, manager of … [Read More...]

New Jobs Survey

A multi-national company is considering Morristown as home for a new call center, bringing from … [Read More...]

sewer projects 6

Sewer Projects – Week of March 22nd

Work has been scheduled on the sewer systems around town. Temporary road repairs will be made and … [Read More...]

Commissioner Boyd tours MAHLE expansion; Colortech new facility

03-29-Boyd-MAHLE-TourTennessee Economic Development Commissioner Randy Boyd converses with Michael Gray, manager of Assembled Camshafts for MAHLE Engine Components USA Inc., during Friday’s tour of the new line at the company’s Morristown facility.

Two months into his tenure as commissioner of Tennessee Economic and Community Development, self-described small businessman Randy Boyd visited Hamblen County on March 27 to celebrate entrepreneurship and industrial investment on a large scale.

The company he founded in Knoxville, Radio Systems, reported sales of $350 million according to his state bibliography, yet Boyd projected a down-to-earth attitude and boyish excitement during the four-leg tour that began in the cold morning air at the East Tennessee Progress Center and ended in bright afternoon sunlight at the Morristown Airport Industrial Park.

In between, Boyd flung a shovel of mud during the MALAR ground-breaking, watched an awe-inspiring sample of friction welding at MAHLE, discussed the importance of educating youth about manufacturing jobs with local industrial leaders and reminisced about his first job while touring Colortech.

“I’m formerly and still a businessman, so a businessman at heart,” Boyd said during a break at The Country Club. “I’m here in Hamblen County to help celebrate some of the successes of businesses here in Hamblen County and Jefferson County.

“We had a groundbreaking this morning, which was an exciting thing for me to be a part of. As a small businessman myself, seeing other businesses growing and prospering in our state, starting in our state — and now a second generation running the business — it was very exciting to see,” he said. “And one of our biggest companies in this area, MAHLE, having another big expansion; over 1,000 employees, one of the largest employers in the county, also succeeding and calling Hamblen County home,” Boyd said.

Boyd’s visit served as a way to underscore the importance of the area.

“Hamblen County and Morristown is the driver for the entire state, being one of the top five in counties with manufacturing and number one in the state of manufacturing per capita. So this is a manufacturing engine for the state,” Boyd said.

MAHLE Senior Director and Plant Manager Jim Sexton welcomed Boyd and his entourage from the East Tennessee regional office, along with local and state representatives, to the company’s site in the East Tennessee Valley Industrial Park, where a ribbon cutting ceremony and tour were conducted.

“We’re just opening our new assembled cam shaft area and our heavy duty production area,” Sexton said.

“Our assembled cam shaft area is a new area; it’s a new product line for us. So far we’ve invested roughly about $75 million dollars between all the lines that you’re going to see in the building. By the time we’re done, we’re going to have roughly a little more than $100 million in these buildings and another $40-50 million that we are putting in the other building system within the next few years.

“It’s been a huge investment for us as an organization over the past few years,” Sexton said.

Colortech President Alex Rom-Roginski joined a large group of his employees and local officials to welcome Boyd outside the second manufacturing facility for Colortech in MAID, located right across the street from the original plant.

“Was there a fire drill?” Boyd asked as he moved quickly to shake hands.

Rom-Roginski explained during a short speech that the expansion did not happen quickly or easily for the longtime Hamblen County manufacturer.

“We were going to expand behind the existing building,” he said. “ECD gave us a grant to put in a rail spur, and then Norfolk Southern didn’t like the layout.

“We tried for five or six years, with Jack’s help (Morristown Industrial Board Chairman R. Jack Fishman), to buy maybe a third of an acre from our neighbors. Finally, at the end, they went out of business, and we ended up owning the whole building.

“And now, with the ECD’s help, within the next two to three weeks, we’ll be putting in a rail spur behind the building. We have six new production lines up and running in this building and our commercial headquarters and color group are now on this side of the street.

“Our slogan is “pick the right partner.” We are really pleased to have partnered with Hamblen County and the state of Tennessee” Rom-Roginski said. “As a naturalized U.S. citizen, I am proud to be an American and in Tennessee.”

Colortech provided its own ribbon for the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce ceremony — a plastic film version produced in house, utilizing the Pantone color of the year: “Marsala,” named after the Italian wine.

During the tour of one of the production areas, Boyd asked Rom-Roginski for a favor and the latter obliged.

The two posed in front of a box of Colortech product for a photo taken on Boyd’s smart phone, a gift for his father. The explanation for the poignant moment had been given during Boyd’s own short speech at the ribbon cutting.

“We all know the world is a small place and this is just a testament to that,” Boyd said to the group. “When I was a kid, I worked in my dad’s factory, growing up started out at eight years old riveting and punch press machines. But I got the big job, of running the injection mold machine, when I was 16. I paid my way through college running injection mold machines. In fact, back then, you had to touch all the plastic, so I went for about five years with no fingerprints, because of touching all that hot plastic.

“I remembered when we were coming to Colortech today that name sounded familiar. Alex reminded me you guys used to sell the plastics I used to run as a kid. Thank you for helping me pay my way through college; if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here today.

I’m happy to be here today, turning it around full circle, and maybe helping out a little bit.”

-From Citizen Tribune

New Jobs Survey

A multi-national company is considering Morristown as home for a new call center, bringing from 500-1000 new jobs to town! Help them make this decision by filling out a short survey about your interest for these types of jobs. As a thank you for filling out the survey, you will be the first to be notified of new job openings. Help bring new jobs to Morristown!
Click here to fill out the survey:  2015 Call Center Prospect Survey

Sewer Projects – Week of March 22nd

Work has been scheduled on the sewer systems around town. Temporary road repairs will be made and loose gravel should be expected. Take caution when driving these roads. View the documents below to see what roads will be affected over the coming week.

Sewer projects 4sewer projects 5sewer projects 6

MPD Media Release – Technology Upgrades

The Morristown Police Department is preparing for technology upgrades. The MPD and the City of Morristown’s IT personnel have been working to prepare MPD personnel, as well as some finance personnel to transition to a new records management system (RMS) and court software, from Tyler Technologies.

This week, personnel began training for the new upgrades. Every member of the department will utilize this technology. Officers will now be able to write and submit offense and arrest reports in the field. Once a report is submitted, there is a workflow that the report shall go through up the chain of command, for approval. The system will allow for less error and allows personnel to validate offense and arrest data by Tennessee Incident Based Reporting (TIBRS) rules.

The court software allows for the MPD and members of the finance department to work off the same system; something that is currently not being done. By the finance department and police department working from the same system, the citizens will see more efficiency when paying MPD citations. This will also allow for the Court Clerk to see what tickets have been paid in real time.

The technology upgrades overall will allow Morristown Police Department to serve the citizens of Morristown more efficiently, it will minimize errors and eliminate redundancy. Initial training will last through March 27, 2015, and the system will go live the week of March 30, 2015. A representative from Tyler Technologies will continue to be on-site the first week, to help make the transition smooth.

MPD Technology Upgrade

March Recycling Schedule

East of Cumberland: weeks of March 1st, 15th & 29th
West of Cumberland: weeks of March 8th & 22nd

Top Cops

2014 Top Cop Photo

Two Morristown Police Department Detectives were recognized for their outstanding performance during 2014 with the annual “Top Cop” award.  Police Chief Roger Overholt and Detective Captain Christian Newman presented Detective Lieutenant Vicki Arnold of the Crimes Against Persons Squad and Detective Ron Sargent of the Crimes Against Property Squad with a certificate of achievement award for outstanding performance, as the leading investigator on their respective squads.  The presentation was held during last week’s Investigations Division staff meeting.

Detective Lieutenant Arnold, a veteran of over 25 years with the Morristown Police Department, and Detective Ron Sargent, a 16 year veteran, were chosen by Investigations Division Detective Captain Christian Newman based on a variety of criteria including:

  • Detective’s Activity;
  • Extra Activity;
  • Attendance;
  • Open Case File Review;
  • Closed Case File Review; and
  • Peer Votes

Chief Overholt, Detective Captain Newman, and their co-workers congratulated the two Detectives.

This is the fourth “TOP COP” award for Detective Lieutenant Arnold, who received the award in 2005, 2011 and 2013.  It is the second award for Detective Sargent; receiving the award in 2008.

Both Detectives’ names have been engraved on the “TOP COP” plaque housed in the Investigations Division to honor their achievements.

Power Conservation Request from TVA and MUS

With the coldest temperatures in more than a year expected to arrive overnight Wednesday, the Tennessee Valley Authority and local power companies are working to ensure the availability of safe and reliable electricity. This involves identifying and implementing actions for curtailment of nonessential loads. TVA, MUS and other power companies have already initiated plans to reduce internal loads.

We are urging consumers – residential, commercial and industrial – to voluntarily conserve electricity to the maximum extent possible from 4:00 pm EST Wednesday through noon on Friday. Residential consumers are encouraged where possible to curtail use off all unnecessary in-house loads such as:
• Postpone using electric appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, and cooking equipment especially early in the morning and early in the evening,.
• Eliminate the use of heating to the extent possible.
• Turn off nonessential lights, appliances, and other electrical equipment.

Garbage Service 02/17/15

City crews are working to clear streets and remove fallen trees and limbs. We will not be running normal garbage routes today. Our plan is to try and get both Tuesday and Wednesday routes tomorrow. Please have your cans at the curb early in the morning,

City Council Meeting Cancelled 02/17/15

Due to inclement weather and potentially dangerous driving conditions this evening, the Morristown City Council scheduled for today 2/17/15 has been cancelled.

All items on the published agenda will be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting on March 3rd.

City offices are open for business and will close at 5:00 pm as normal.

Condition Update – Tuesday 6:30 am

Roads are ice/snow covered yet passable, please use extreme caution.

Be watchful for low limbs that are ice covered. Numerous trees have fallen during the night due to ice. Public Works crews have worked through the night clearing roads of these downed trees.

Road Crews continue to salt the roads.

City offices will be open for business as usual.

Morristown: Moving Forward

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