What’s Happening in Morristown?

Hamblen County Graduations – MPD

Media Release May 19, 2015 Hamblen County schools are letting out for summer and for seniors … [Read More...]

Sewer Work – Week of May 18th

Sewer work continues around Morristown. For a full list of projects and road closings, click HERE. … [Read More...]

EAA Youth Event at Morristown Airport- May 30th

Event:  EAA Young Eagles Flights – for youth ages 8 - 17 at Morristown Regional Airport Date: … [Read More...]

Community Vision

Our community leaders are working to make Morristown a great place to live and do business. Here on the Community Vision page, you can link to neighborhood revitalization proposals, improvement plans, community reports and more. All great endeavors start with a dream, are followed with a plan, and then implemented through actions. These are our building blocks for creating a better Morristown.


Community Appearance Action Plan

Beginning in late August 2012, a diverse group of community leaders, the Development Committee (see Acknowledgments), assembled for a series of four meetings. The first step was to perform a S.W.O.T. Analysis to identify Morristown’s visual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Priorities were then assembled under two broad categories:   Existing Issues and New Opportunities.  Twelve topic areas fell under those two categories focusing on more specific elements and those are the very foundation of the Action Plan.  In addition, Best Practices from across the nation have been included as reference materials for developing or improving local programs.

Read More on the CAAP Page

Ambition 2030

A draft of proposed changes to the General Plan, a comprehensive visioning plan including goals for community development, a survey of existing conditions, a land use (character) plan and a transportaion (thoroughfare) plan.

Read More on the Ambition 2030 Page


Community Profile

PDF link:Community Profile


Greenway Master Plan

PDF link: Greenwway Master Plan


Hyatt Palma Downtown Study & Update

In 1992, the National League of Cities (NLC) developed a pilot program with HyettPalma, Inc. to offer on-site, technical assistance on urban revitalization to eleven cities in the United States. The Morristown City Council determined that a downtown enhancement strategy was needed to further revitalize the central business district and contracted with the NLC on the effort. The result was a 183 page document entitled Downtown Action Agenda 2000 (DAA 2000) released in June of that year.

DAA 2000 utilized local resident surveys, professional market analysis and other resources to formulate recommendations to both the public and private sectors on improvement strategies for the district. These 45 recommendations were categorized into a “Course of Action” designed to be an implementation tool the    community could use to attain its vision for downtown as well as identify and capture economic opportunities.

PDF Link: DAA 2000 (56.6 MB)

In 2011, the DAA 2000 report was “re-visited”. The update looked at each original recommendation, the outcome as of November 2011, and provided some future considerations for continuing the revitalization strategy.

PDF Link: DAA 2000 Re-visited (2011)


Morristown College Neighborhood Redevelopment

The abandoned Morristown College campus is a prime candidate for redevelopment. The 52-acre campus is located close to downtown and just north of the attractive Olde Towne East historic residential neighborhood. It is adjacent to the historic Morristown Cemetery, the Regency Retirement Center, and is within close proximity to the hospital district. The property is predominantly zoned R-2 Medium Density Residential with a smaller portion zoned LI Light Industrial. The City is aggressively pursuing the redevelopment of this district for the benefit of the community.

PDF Link: BWSC Morristown College Neighborhood Redevelopment Study (2007)


Vision 2000 Report

From 1995-1997, a steering committee formulated the Vision 2000 report for Morristown and Hamblen County. The report focused on government services, economic development, downtown, arts and entertainment, healthcare, recreation and other issues important to forwarding quality community growth.

PDF Link: Vision 2000



Morristown: Moving Forward

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