Urban Search & Rescue

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As part of the response capability of Homeland Security District II, the Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR) Task Force III (TF-3) was created. This team is part of the National USAR initiative. Its mission is to provide rapid response to areas that have experienced a natural or man-made disaster. These are the structural collapse personnel that are seen after tornadoes, hurricanes and terrorist events who are removing those trapped or those that otherwise are unable to save themselves.

Four MFD personnel serve on TF-3. All are certified Collapse Technicians and one is a Logistics Manager. TF-3 is a Type-III team. Via military transport, they are required to be on the ground within 6 hours of activation. TF-3 covers a 500 mile radius from Knoxville, TN—which puts them on the east coast, the Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico region and the upper mid west.

Team members receive 120 hours of initial training and a required minimum of 32 hours annual training. Two team members have attended an 80 hour course at Texas A&M University.

These technical rescue specialists are used in-house to train department personnel in advanced rescue techniques and are available to act as supervisors in the event of a building collapse in the Lakeway Area.

USAR Team Members:
Anthony Livesay, Lieutenant
Mike Caldwell, Engineer
Mark Lamb, Firefighter
Scott Seal, Firefighter