Changes to the Code of Ordinances - Bulk Waste

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In an effort to beautify and clean up Morristown, several changes have recently been made to the City of Morristown Code of Ordinances. The City is asking all its residents to join in the effort to properly dispose of household waste, brush and bulk items.

The Morristown Public Works crews work hard to collect garbage, bulk and recycling. In order to make disposing bulk items more convenient, and to avoid debris collecting on the curbs, Public Works has developed a regular curbside pick-up schedule that coincides with the recycling schedule. Whatever day residents are scheduled to have recycling picked up, the bulk collection truck will also come by that same day.

What NOT to place at curbside:

-No Tires, rock or hazardous waste

-No items that can fit in green cans

-No bagged garbage (all garbage in bags should be placed in green cans)

Restrictions of bulk waste:

-No pickup at multi-residential complexes of 5 or more units (this includes apartment complexes and trailer parks)

-Contractors & landscapers are responsible for removal of their own waste

-No blocking of sidewalk

-Separate brush and bulk waste piles

-Limited to a pile approximately the size of a pick-up truck load

-Bulk waste should be placed at the curb no sooner than the day before pick up

*Please note that these recent changes do not in any way affect regular garbage collection. Green trash receptacles will continue to be collected as has always been done.*