What’s Happening in Morristown?

Hamblen County Graduations – MPD

Media Release May 19, 2015 Hamblen County schools are letting out for summer and for seniors … [Read More...]

Sewer Work – Week of May 18th

Sewer work continues around Morristown. For a full list of projects and road closings, click HERE. … [Read More...]

EAA Youth Event at Morristown Airport- May 30th

Event:  EAA Young Eagles Flights – for youth ages 8 - 17 at Morristown Regional Airport Date: … [Read More...]

New Residents

Welcome to the City of Morristown, we hope you enjoy our natural beauty and casual lifestyle.  Morristown is a great place to live, and we are happy you are here. To help you get acquainted with your new home, please refer to this list of links and contact information regarding some common questions.

City Information: (423) 581-0100

City Address: 100 W. 1st North Street, Morristown, Tennessee 37814.

Police Department Administration (Non Emergency)
Phone: (423) 585-2710

Fire Administration (Non Emergency)
Phone: (423) 585-4651

Fire Marshal
Phone: (423) 585-4657

Who do I call for local cable television questions?
MUS Fibernet (423)586-4121
Charter Communications: 1-866-472-2200 (423)586-6977, (423)581-2633

Direct TV: 1-855-463-7359 


Employment Office:
5 Rivers Career Center: (423)317-1060.

How do I get my electrical power turned on and who do I call if I have problems?
Morristown Power System: (423)586-4121.

Food Stamps:

Department of Human Services: (423)585-1444.

Who will provide water to my home and how can I receive service if I have problems?
Morristown Water System: (423)586-4121.

Who do I call about my city sewer hookup?
Plumbing Inspector – Greg Ellison : (423)585-4627.

How do I get information about the legal issues relating to the construction or renovation of a home or business?
City Engineer: (423)585-4652.

How do I get information on building permits or building inspection within city limits?
Chief Building Inspector: (423)585-4626.

Who do I call with a question concerning property zoning?
City: Dir. of Community Development and Planning: 586-3291.

Who do I call if I have questions about my taxes?
City Clerk: (423)585-4607.

Where do I call to get a Passport?
Circuit Court Clerk: (423)586-5640. Where do I call to get a Marriage License?
County Court Clerk: (423)586-1993.

Where do I call to get a birth/death certificate?
TN Department of Vital Records: Nashville 615-741-1763.

Health Department 586-6431

How can I get information on garbage pick-up or brush retrieval? City: Public Works Department: (423)585-4658.

How can I find out more information about housing in Morristown?

Public Housing: Morristown Housing Authority: (423)586-5115.

How can I gather information about participating in the city and county recycling efforts?
City and county crews provide pickup on a weekly schedule. Plastics, glass, aluminum, and newspaper may be combined in separate blue bags and placed near the curb.

Weekly Schedule: Keep America Beautiful, (423)586-6422.

Recycling Details: Goodwill Industries 423-586-6514.

Where do I go for medical needs?
Two hospitals serve area residents:

Lakeway Regional: (423)586-2302.

Morristown-Hamblen: (423)586-4231.

What school district will my child attend and what is the school schedule? General Information: Hamblen County School System, (423)586-7700.

  • Alpha Primary: (423)581-3440.
  • Alpha Elementary: (423)586-3332.
  • East Ridge Middle School: (423)581-3041.
  • Hillcrest: (423)586-7472.
  • John Hay Elementary: (423)586-1080.
  • Lincoln Heights Elementary: (423)586-2062.
  • Lincoln Heights Middle School: (423)581-3200.
  • Manley Elementary: (423)586-7400.
  • Meadowview Middle School: (423)581-6360.
  • East High School: (423)586-2543.
  • West High School: (423)581-1600.
  • Russellville Elementary: (423)586-6560.
  • Union Heights Elementary: (423)586-1502.
  • West Elementary School: (423)586-1263.
  • West View Elementary School: (423)581-2407.
  • Witt Elementary: (423)586-2682.
  • Fairview Marguerite Elementary: (423)586-4098.

Bus Schedule: bus garage, (423)586-2103.

Who do I call if my child is interested in playing in a youth league sport?
Recreation Office: (423)586-0260.

How can I reserve a picnic area at a park?
City Parks:(423)586-0260.

Who can I contact about strays or animal owner’s regulations?
Morristown-Hamblen Humane Society: (423)581-1494.

Who can I call for advice on removing an animal that has become lodged or has nested in unwanted areas of my home?
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency: (423)587-7037.

Where do I go if I am interested in adopting a pet?
Morristown-Hamblen Humane Society:(423) 581-1494.

How do I get a library card?
Morristown-Hamblen Library: (423)586-6410.

What civic and service activities are available in Morristown?
Rose Center: (423)581-4330.

How can I learn more general information about Morristown and the Hamblen County area?
Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce:(423) 586-6382.  

Morristown: Moving Forward

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