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The Planning Department serves the community by playing an integral role in the development review process and works to encourage quality and responsible growth.  Many helpful links are provided on this web page to get you started with your development project such as application forms, copies of codes and ordinances, meeting schedules and an online submission portal.  Should you need additional service or have any questions call our office at 423-585-4620.


Tyler Technology’s EnerGov

The Planning Department has implemented an online permitting system using a software program called EnerGov.   EnerGov automates the plans review and permit submittal process by allowing developers, builders, engineers and architects to submit applications via their home or office computer.  Through this system, city staff is able to conduct comprehensive reviews more efficiently.  Plans may be submitted off site by logging in to the Citizen Access Portal.

EnerGov Citizen Access Portal


Development Regulations/Ordinances

Zoning Ordinance

Subdivision Regulations

Sign Ordinance


Zoning Maps

The City of Morristown zoning maps are now available through ESRI. To access the maps,click on this link. Enter the street address of the property you want to check the zoning on (for example: 100 W. First North Street Morristown, TN 37814). Be sure to include at least the city and state in the address search. The parcel will be noted by a text box and arrow. Click directly on the parcel to see the zoning classification highlighted. The zoning will be abbreviated (example: IB for Intermediate Business). For information on each zone, please see the Zoning Ordinance or contact a Planning Department representative.

Additional property information may be accessed through the State of Tennessee Real Estate Assessment Data website.


Façade Grant Program

For information about the Façade Grant Program and to submit your questions and comments to our city planners, CLICK HERE.


Morristown Regional Planning Commission & Board of Zoning Appeals

The Morristown Regional Planning Commission (MRPC) is responsible for growth planning within the city limits as well as the city’s urban growth boundary (UGB). Issues that arise in the UGB often require coordinating efforts with Hamblen County government agencies.

The Morristown Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) reviews variance and use on review requests in an effort to balance Zoning Ordinance requirements with special circumstances and site conditions. Each variance request is reviewed based upon specific criteria and whether or not a hardship is created by adhering to the Zoning Ordinance. Hardships may be created by topography, irregular lot shapes or existing easements.

The MRPC and BZA meet every second Tuesday of the month at 4:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers of the City Center. For applications, fees and deadline dates, please see the links below:


MRPC & BZA Members:

Mayor Gary Chesney

Councilman Robert (Bob) Garrett (Secretary, BZA)

Mr. Jim Beelaert (Chairman, MRPC)

Mr. Bill Thompson (Vice-Chair, MRPC)

Ms. Rose Parella (Secretary, MRPC)

Mr Terry Ball (Chairman, BZA)

Mr. Doug Beier (Vice-Chair, BZA)

Mr. Wayne Nesmith





MRPC/BZA Meeting Schedule & Deadline Dates

MRPC/BZA Development Fees

Building Permit Fee Schedule


Applications for Review


Planning Commission Application
Annexation,  Subdivision Review, Rezoning, Street/Alley Closing,

Board of Zoning Appeals Application
Use on Review, Variance, Ordinance Interpretations

Home Occupation Permit Application
For limited home-based businesses

Sign Permit Application


Development Resources

Link to the Stormwater page.

Residential Site Plan Checklist
Required for new single family or duplex development

Sample Site Plan for Residential Development

Checklist for Rezoning or Uses on Review

Sample Site Plan for Rezoning and Uses on Review

Site Plan Checklist for High Density Residential Units, Commercial Developments, Industrial Developments and Places of Assembly

Minor Subdivision Checklist

Required Stormwater Information for Plans Submittal(engineering Dept)

Sidewalk Master Plan

Concept Plan

Final Plat Checklist

For the Surveyor

Preliminary Plat & Construction Plans Checklist

Subdivision Regulations

Note: Checklists are provided as a reference tool, but do not replace or override requirements of the Zoning Ordinance or other pertinent regulations.


Meet the Staff:

Development Director

Mr. Alan C. Hartman, AICP


Lakeway Area Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization (LAMTPO) Director

Mr. Rich DesGrosielliers, GISP


Community Development Coordinator

Mr. Tracy Stroud


Administrative Assistant

Ms. Sherry Knight


Development Services Assistant

Ms. Kat Morilak


Planner II

Lori Matthews

Planner I

Logan Engle

Transportation Planner



Helpful Links

American Planning Association
Hamblen County Planning Department
Planning Commissioners Journal
Smart Growth
Tennessee Chapter of the American Planning Association


Contact Us:

Planning Department – City Center Bldg.

100 W. 1st North Street

P.O. Box 1499

Morristown, TN 37816-1499

Tel: 423.585.4620
Fax: 423.586.1205
Email: planning@mymorristown.com


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