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The recycling truck provides service on a regular scheduled day every other week. One week the truck services streets east of Cumberland Street, the next week streets west of Cumberland Street. Blue bags or recycling carts should be placed at curbside by 7:30 a.m. on your scheduled day. All recyclables should be rinsed out before placing at curbside.


January 5 and 19
February 2 and 16
March 2, 16 and 30
April 13 and 27
May 11 and 25
June 8 and 22
July 6 and 20
August 3, 17 and 31
September 14 and 28
October 12 and 26
November 9 and 23
December 7 and 21
January 12 and 26
February 9 and 23
March 9 and 23
April 6 and 20
May 4 and 18
June 1, 15 and 29
July 13 and 27
August 10 and 24
September 7 and 21
October 5 and 19
November 2, 16 and 30
December 14 and 28

How Do I Recycle?
Directions: Place cans, glass, and plastics into one blue bag, and papers into another. Set bags curbside for collection. Bags will be collected every other week by the blue recycling trucks. (collection schedule is above). Please place blue bags away from your regular trash so as not to confuse the collectors. The collection day varies in the city depending on the route. If you are in doubt as to the day of your collection, check with a neighbor or call the Public Works Department.

Recycle these Curbside:

Cans: Aluminum and steel (tin) food and drink cans.

Please rinse. Don’t include: paint or aerosol cans, pie plates or other metals.

Plastics: Plastic bottles or containers with numbers 1 thru 7. The number is usually located on the bottom in a triangle. Please rinse containers. Don’t include: any plastic bottles that have held oil. (cooking or motor)

Glass: Clear, green, blue and brown bottles and jars can be recycled. Please rinse. Don’t include: broken dishes, window glass, light bulbs, clay pots.

Papers: Newspapers, magazines, telephone books, paperboard boxes, and school papers are all recyclable. They must go together in one blue recycle bag, and be separate from the other recyclables. Don’t include: liners from paperboard boxes, paper milk cartons, paper towel, or tissues.

Plastic Bags: Used grocery and shopping bags.

Drop off location:
Goodwill Materials Recovery Facility-5888 Old Russellville Hwy. Russellville, TN 37860 586-6514

Additional recycling opportunities:
Corrugated boxes: Take to drop off location. Boxes should be flattened.

Used paint: Old paint can be donated to non-profits or school drama depts. The landfill also collects used latex or oil based paint for proper disposal.

Used Tires: The landfill collects used tires for collection by the state.

Motor Oil: Hamblen County landfill and many other businesses will accept motor oil. Ask at your favorite place of business.

Important telephone numbers:

Morristown/Hamblen Keep America Beautiful:

Morristown Public Works Dept.:

Hamblen County Highway Dept.:

Hamblen County Landfill:

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