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Building Permits & Inspections

When requesting a building permit, please fill out the building permit application and submit two (2) professionally designed hard copies and one (1) digital PDF copy of commercial building plans. Residential projects do not require plans as such. Please contact the office for details of what is required. 423.585.4620

Construction trailers require this permit and demolition this permit.

To submit a completed building inspections application electronically, email to

Permits and Inspections are required for the following:

-New construction
-Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing & Gas
-Pools over 2 feet deep (Regulations)
-Fences over 6 feet tall
-Retaining walls
-Covered patios
-Accessory structures such as carports, sheds & gazebos (Regulations)

Please contact the appropriate inspector to schedule an appointment. Inspections are scheduled as time allows.  Third party inspections will not be accepted in place of the Building Official's required inspections. Third party inspections will only be accepted when approved by the Chief Building Official.