Before Plan Submission

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Before submitting your plan, staff strongly encourages the developer to schedule a pre-development concept meeting that will include various departments: planning, stormwater, engineering, building inspections, utility providers, and the fire marshal. We encourage developers to bring concept plans with them to this meeting for cursory staff review and initial feedback. 

Each project you submit will be assigned a Planning Department staff member designated as the shepherd who will oversee project review. Your shepherd will serve as your first point of contact for all questions or concerns you may have throughout the development process.

It is crucial that developers utilize the departmental-provided checklists when preparing plans for submission. Planning Department checklists can be found under the Forms & Applications section.  Engineering Department checklists for stormwater can be found on the Stormwater page. 

The City of Morristown uses EnerGov to connect government departments, including Engineering, Inspections, Planning, GIS, Fire, Police, and Utilities, and allows them to share information and review projects more efficiently.