Morristown Tree Board

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legacy treeThe City of Morristown has a special group of people dedicated to the health, welfare and propagation of trees in the city- the Morristown Tree Board.  The Board was created by City Ordinance in 1991 and charged with promoting proper tree care, maintaining a recommended tree list, encouraging and recognizing groups involved in tree related projects, hearing citizen concerns about trees, organizing an Arbor Day celebration annually and any other tree related function within the city. 

The Tree Board is comprised of staff from several city government departments as well as designated representatives from Morristown Utilities System, the Tennessee Division of Forestry, Soil Conservation District and Keep Morristown- Hamblen Beautiful.  In addition, five members of the community who are knowledgeable about trees and their care are nominated by the Mayor and approved by City Council to serve three- year terms.

Providing opportunities for public education is an integral part of the Tree Board’s function.  The Board hosts periodic seminars and classes on subjects of interest to the community.  Classes are constructed to provide seasonally appropriate information for homeowners and residents to apply in their own yards and places of business. 

For more information on the Tree Board, please call 423-585-1830.


In an effort to increase trees throughout the city, the Tree Board, LegacyTreePNG (002)in partnership with Keep Morristown-Hamblen Beautiful, established the Legacy Tree program. Loved ones may be     remembered or honored through a donation that is used for the planting and maintenance of the trees located in our city’s public places such as parks and along the greenway. For more information, see: LEGACY TREE BROCHURE
To view a map of where the current legacy trees our located, access the LEGACY TREE MAP.


The Tree Board is beginning a new program called "Trees of Distinction" that will honor specific trees in our community that hold a special significance. Citizens are invited to nominate a tree along with a story about that tree. If chosen as a "Tree of Distinction", the tree board will create a special plaque to be displayed on that tree.