About the MFD

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"To protect life and property from adverse effect of fire, respond to natural or manmade disasters and provide emergency medical response to priority one medical emergencies"


The Morristown Fire Department is comprised of 85 total personnel with 78 being assigned to fire suppression duties and 7 assigned administrative jobs or other tasks.

The department protects a population of approximately 29,000 citizens in an area of 27.9 square miles with an average response time (travel) of less than 4 minutes in compliance with NFPA Standards.

Fire suppression personnel work a schedule of 24 hours on and 48 hours off. They are assigned to one of three shifts (A, B or C) with 26 personnel assigned to each shift. Those personnel operate out of six stations and respond with seven front line firefighting apparatus. Additionally, the department provides emergency medical responder services to the community.

The day to day oversight responsibilities for the department are assigned to the Fire Chief; his assistants include an Administrative Chief, an Operations Chief, the Fire Marshal, a Training Officer, a Liaison Officer and an Administrative Secretary.

Other services provided to the community include a 20 member Hazardous Materials response team, 20 CPR instructors, 4 child restraint seat technicians, a 10 member honor guard, along with 6 State Certified Fire and Life Safety Inspectors and a State Certified Arson Investigator.

The Morristown Fire Department is rated ISO Class II.