Car Seat Inspections

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The Morristown Fire Department child passenger safety technicians work with parents and caregivers to ensure the safety of their children. We take the time to go over all aspects of installing a child restraint in a vehicle, properly securing the child, and other safety tips. We do more than just install the car seat. We teach you how to properly install your child’s seat, so that you feel confident in your ability to safely reinstall it on your own.

Each technician has received certification as a Child Restraint Technician. This certificate requires a renewal every 2 years. Child Restraint Technicians conduct several checkpoints per year. At these checkpoints, they examine child restraint seats, check records to see if the seat is on a recall list and teach parents how to properly install child safety seats. The fire department gets numerous calls from the public and on many occasions, a parent may come by one of the stations and request one-on-one instructions on how to install child car seats.