Daily Activities

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Daily Equipment Maintenance/ Station Housekeeping
*Cleaning/Housekeeping: each response engine, truck, unit and station is cleaned daily to be accepted by the oncoming shift.

*Apparatus check—every system on each apparatus is operated and inspected according to an equipment specific daily check-off sheet. Any problems are immediately reported through the proper office. If necessary, the public works garage is contacted immediately to arrange repair.

*Medical Check—each AED is run through a start-up evaluation, O2 levels checked, batteries checked, medical bags available.

*Personal Protective Equipment check—each piece of PPE including personal equipment as well as each SCBA is checked and inspected daily.

*Radio check—each battery is changed out, every radio’s transmitter and receiver is tested.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday — Training/ Drill Days
The Training Division provides training as well as overseeing critical maintenance and testing activities to meet all department, state, and federal standards. Functions included are:

Fire Hydrant Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
Apparatus Pump Test
Apparatus Hose Test
Physical Conditioning

Thursday— Pre-Fire Planning
This activity is a method of obtaining strategic emergency and firefighting information about each building within the City. All public buildings in Morristown are Pre-Fire Planned annually. A “911 Fact Sheet” is completed during each visit and forwarded to the 911 Center.

Tuesday — Equipment/Facility Maintenance
Every station and Each apparatus/vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and inspected inside and out. All apparatus/ vehicles are inventoried. All medical response bags are inventoried. Each piece of portable equipment is inspected and operated. And, any due preventative maintenance is performed (i.e. 10 hour, 3 month or 6 month apparatus maintenance).

All station grounds are maintained and inspected (i.e., mowing, leaves, trash, trimming, mulch, weeding, etc.).

Training Stand-down