Extrication/ Rescue

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The Morristown Fire Department staffs one 24 hour extrication/rescue unit. This unit maintains an assortment of rescue equipment including hydraulic spreaders and cutters, powered saws and cutters, cribbing and shoring material well as an assortment of manual extrication/rescue tools. This unit also houses the department required EMS equipment.

The department's suppression division is certified in extrication/ rescue through the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads. Four MFD members have been certified as extrication instructors to assist in the recertification process for department members. The Morristown Rescue Squad provides its assistance and direction to ensure the department is prepared for the challenging and ever-changing task that extrication/ rescue demands.

MFD Extrication Instructors:
Billy Hale,  Fire Marshal
Marty Bryant, Captain
Anthony Livesay, Administrative Deputy Chief