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Clark Taylor - Fire Chief

Fire Administration is charged with ensuring the accomplishment of the department’s mission in a cost-efficient and operationally effective manner.

Fire Department staff members plan, supervise and direct Fire Department operations and activities, administer expenditures, develop policies and procedures, maintain adherence of fire personnel to policies, procedures, protocols and practices, create long and short-range plans, and prepare the annual department budget. Further, they have the responsibility to coordinate, directly supervise or exercise oversight of fire personnel, firefighting equipment, specialized units, fire department facilities, and other resources. Additionally, they assist other city departments in planning and coordinating special events.

                             Brian Shepard        Billy Hale       Tim Carpenter
                                Brian Shepard                          Billy Hale                                 Tim Carpenter                                 
                             Deputy Fire Chief                     Fire Marshal                            Deputy Fire Marshal

                             Danny Case        Anthony Livesay        Edith Sherles
                                 Danny Case                     Anthony Livesay               Edith Sherles                   
                             Logistics Officer                   Deputy Fire Chief         Admin. Assistant        

                               Keith Rouse
                           Training Officer