Smoke Alarm Program

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Time to get Alarmed
Administered through the Fire Marshal’s office, the department provides and/or installs smoke alarms to those in the community that do not have the means to afford their own. In some cases the department only provides the detectors. In other cases, such as the elderly or mentally or physically impaired, the department not only provides alarms but actually goes to the residence, does a residential survey and installs the necessary number of alarms in the required areas of these residences.

The funding for this program comes from outside the department. In 2007 the department received a $25,000.00 FEMA Grant and subsequently purchased $10,000.00 worth of hard-wired smoke alarms, battery powered smoke alarms, strobe-light smoke alarms for the hearing impaired, Carbon Monoxide detectors and ionization detectors for those in need. The department has also received smoke alarms as donations from civic groups such as the Lions Club and the Rotary Club, and private companies such as Lowes and Home Depot of Morristown.

The program also receives notices of those in need from several community groups including Habitat for Humanity, Senior Citizens Center, Elderwatch, House Call, ALPS, both area hospitals, nursing homes and Latino organizations. Occasionally, individuals will stop by a fire station or approach a firefighter in public to inquire about smoke alarm availability.

[PDF] Smoke Alarm - NFPA   [PDF] Alarmas de incendio - NFPA

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