Fire Training Office

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The largest amount of activity time is spent in training. Each member of the department must have some understanding of chemistry, physics, hydraulics, and emergency medicine, all of which are complicated by today’s rapidly advancing science, technology and communication methods.

In order to propel a cutting edge fire department, the MFD trains every week of the year. To maintain an ISO rating of Class 2, the department must participate in 240 hours of classroom training and 8 hands-on drills each year. In addition, the Tennessee Commission on Firefighting requires a pre-approved 40-hour training program. The commission certifies Firefighter I and II, Fire Instructor I and II, Fire Officer I and II, Pumper Driver/Operator, Aerial Driver/Operator, Apparatus Driver/Operator, Wildland Firefighter, Airport Firefighter, Safety Officer, and Public Educator I and II.

The department both participates in and contributes instructors for programs administered through the Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy as well as the Northeast Tennessee Regional Fire Training Association. These off site classes include:

Basic Firefighting (400 Hours)
Smoke Divers
Rapid Intervention Team Operations (RIT Certified)
Fire Fighter Survival
Incident Safety Officer
Pump Operations l, II & III
Fire Officer (4 weeks)
Fire Service Instructor
Fire Inspector l & II
Juvenile Fire Setters
Initial Response to Terrorism
Initial Response to Haz-Mat Incidents l & ll
Other classes required by agency standards (i.e., sprinkler operations, elevator operation, alarm system operation, radio systems design, etc.)

Training accounts for 15% of the total Fire Department ISO score.