2022 Athletics Schedule at a Glance

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January 6th                          Youth Basketball Play Resumes

January 10th                       Adult Basketball Play Begins

February 1st                        Youth Baseball/Softball Registration Begins

February 14th                     Adult Softball Registration Begins

February 23rd                     Registration Deadline for Girls Minor/Little League

February 24th                     Registration Deadline for Boys Minor/Little League

March 1st                             Adult Cornhole League Registration Begins

March 4th                            Registration Deadline for Boys/Girls Tee Ball and Coach Pitch

March 11th                          Registration Deadline for Adult Softball Team Entries

March 25th                          Adult Cornhole League Registration Deadline

April 4th                               Boys and Girls Little/Minor League Play Begins

April 4th                                Women’s Grass Volleyball Registration Begins

April 9th                               Little League Kickoff Event

April 11th                            Adult Softball Play Begins

April 18th                             Boys and Girls Tee Ball/Coach Pitch Play Begins

April 25th                             Women’s Grass Volleyball Registration Deadline

May 16th                              Women’s Grass Volleyball Play Begins

June 1st                                 Adult Co-ed Kickball Registration Begins

June 3rd-5th                         Tennessee State Disc Golf Championship

June 10th                            City Championship – Popkin Field – 5:30 pm

June 22nd                             Registration Deadline for Adult Co-ed Kickball

July 5th                                  Adult Co-ed Kickball League Play Begins

July 11th                                Adult Fall Softball/Volleyball Registration Begins

August 3rd                            Adult Fall Softball/Volleyball Registration Deadline

September 6th                   Adult Fall Softball/Volleyball League Play Begins

September 19th                 Youth Basketball Registration Begins

October 14th                        Deadline for Youth Basketball Registration 

November 1st                       Adult Basketball Registration Begins

November 30th                    Adult Basketball Registration Ends

December 3rd                     Youth Basketball Games Begin

* All dates and times are subject to change*

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