Morristown Dog Park

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Dog Park Location

3726 Dalton Ford Rd.
Morristown, TN

Public Hours

Open 7 days a week
From Daylight to 9:30pm

Dogs running and playing at dog park

Dog Park Tips & Etiquette

  • Clean up after your dog (immediately), bags are provided -Keep the park nice for everyone!
  • First visit, you may consider letting your dog observe other dogs, meet others gradually, or pick a week day when the park isn't too busy.
  • Dogs will sometimes bark, snarl and even snap at each other. This is part of their normal socialization.
  • Only interfere and stop the interaction with loud noise or water if it appears to be escalating into a fight.
  • Be sure to securely latch all gates when entering and leaving the dog park.
  • Upon arrival, do not remove the leash until you are within the double-gated-area with both gates closed.
  • Dogs are always curious of newly arriving dogs. Please try to keep your dog from crowding the gate area.
  • Children need to be supervised closely, no running, yelling or chasing dogs.
  • Children under 4 are prohibited inside the gates.
  • Children must not pet other dogs without owner’s permission.
  • While outside of the fenced area, keep your dog leashed.
  • Dogs can be possessive of toys. We recommend that you do not bring toys to the dog park.
  • Do not bring your dog to the park if he is sick, has intestinal parasites or external parasites such as fleas and ticks.