Chaplain Unit

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The Morristown Police Department Chaplain Unit consists of 8 volunteer chaplains who serve under the supervision of the department’s Chaplain Liaison, Lt. Kenneth Hinkle. All personnel have completed Law Enforcement Chaplain Training through the International Conference of Police Chaplains. Several of the chaplains have completed numerous hours of additional studies in their ecclesiastical field, with nine of them holding graduate degrees.

The Chaplain Unit serves as a liaison with religious organizations within the community. The chaplains are readily available to conduct death notifications, as well as assist officers at suicide/attempted suicide scenes, fatality and serious injury traffic crashes, major crime scenes or any other catastrophe. They also provide visitation for sick or injured employees at their home or place of confinement. This program is well-received by members of the Morristown Police Department and is a growing asset to the community.

The Chaplain Unit maintains a high moral standing, and responds to situations where a need is indicated, providing a service to the citizens of the community as well as to the employees of the Morristown Police Department.

MPD Chaplain Unit 2022