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The Morristown Police Department places a strong emphasis on hiring the best personnel possible.  We continue to ensure that the quality of law enforcement services provided are of the highest standards, as we are dedicated to providing professional police services to our community.  The Morristown Police Department is a state accredited agency.  Applications for employment are accepted throughout the year.


Once selected as a Police Recruit, the new recruit will complete a field training program.  All recruits will be required to complete a state certified Law Enforcement Training Academy unless prior certification has been achieved and maintained. Each recruit appointed to fill a position with the City of Morristown must complete a six month probationary period after completing a field training program, before he/she is considered to be a permanent employee.

Public Safety Qualifications and Standards for Entry Level

Public Safety Qualifications and Standards for Promotion

Equal Opportunity Employer
Employment shall be based on merit and fitness without regard to race, religion, sex, age, national origin, and free of personal and political considerations. In addition, it shall be this City’s policy to offer equal employment opportunities in recruitment, training programs, transfers, promotions, compensation, demotions, terminations, benefits, employee relations and all other personnel actions relative to City employment.

For additional information, please email khinkle@mymorristown.com