Field Training Program

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  • The recruit shall be required to successfully complete the Department field training course before being placed in a police solo field assignment.
  •  The Training Unit officers formulate, implement, and maintain a field-training program for recruits.  (See Department Field Training Manual).  The program, at a minimum, includes:
  • Field training of the recruit for a minimum of 12 weeks or 8 weeks for certified officers with prior police experience.
  •  Selection process for field training officers.
  •  Supervision of field training officers.
  •  Liaison with the Academy staff.
  •  Field Training Officers shall complete a 40-hour in-service class for FTO's.
  •  Rotation of recruit field assignments will occur on a monthly cycle.
  •  Guidelines for the evaluation of recruits by field training officers.
  •  Reporting responsibilities of the Field Training Officer will be to evaluate the recruit on a weekly basis.  The evaluation shall be done on departmental form Field Training Weekly Evaluation Report. After getting evaluation signed by shift supervisor, the evaluation shall be submitted to the Field Training Coordinator.
  •  Recommendations for recruit being released from the training program to a solo assignment.

 All recruits must receive copies of the department use of force, firearms and other weapons policies and the recruits     must receive instruction in the policies before being    authorized to carry a weapon.

Recruits must qualify under the department qualifications guidelines in addition to the required P.O.S.T. training.