Forensics Unit

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The mission of the Crime Scene Investigation Unit is to have trained personnel and equipment to investigate, search, and collect evidence in major crime scenes, and to see that evidence is properly processed for court and that the chain of custody is maintained.

The Crime Scene Investigation Unit has one full-time technician. The technician is trained in crime scene search, photography, sketching, fingerprinting, collection of evidence, and courtroom testimony. The department also has 17 other officers on varying shifts trained in crime scene processing to assist the Crime Scene Technician on smaller incidents.

In addition to the Crime Scene Technician, five additional officers have special training and are available to assist on major crime scenes. Five officers have been to the National Forensic Academy.

The crime scene unit utilizes a three-fourths ton Ford van, equipped with emergency lights, siren, and police radio. The van contains specialized equipment for photography and video, fingerprinting kits of various types and sizes, a casting kit, special collection containers, and special equipment such as a gasoline-powered generator with lights, an evidence vacuum cleaner, tools, and ladders. 

Crime Scene Van