Honor Guard

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The Morristown Police Department’s Honor Guard was established in 1992 and is comprised of twenty (20) departmental personnel. The composition of the Honor Guard is as follows:

Law Enforc. Mem. 5/11/2015

Commander: 1
Members: 20

The different functions within the Honor Guard are: Detail Commander; Bugler; Bagpipes; Firing Party; Body Bearers/Flag Holders and Color Guard (on occasion). Training is conducted.

The Honor Guard is an asset to the Morristown Police Department and to the community and is recognized throughout the region as a professional, well-trained unit. The Honor Guard participates in police funerals, parades, and other functions as needed. Morristown Police Department Honor Guard personnel assist other police agencies in the training of their own Honor Guard units. The Honor Guard takes great pride in their contribution to the Morristown Police Department and to the community.

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