Housing Officer/Crime Prevention

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A contract between the City of Morristown and the Morristown Housing Authority established the position of a police coordinator that works in all Morristown Housing Authority developments. Since the appointment of this position in January 1994, crime has been significantly reduced in all Morristown Housing Authority developments, as well as improving community relations. A strong emphasis on community policing is credited for the success of the program.

In addition to community relations, other duties of the Liaison Officer include but are not limited to: criminal investigations, formation of neighborhood watch groups, enforcement of Morristown Housing Authority lease policies and procedures, criminal history and background checks on applicants to the Morristown Housing Authority, participating in Morristown Housing Authority eviction processes, and providing other law enforcement services as deemed necessary. The program is funded by a Department of Housing and Urban Development Comprehensive Grant and funding from the City of Morristown. 

The Morristown Housing Authority Police Unit has initiated several programs that have been widely accepted by the residents as having positive effects in the areas served. The initiated programs include: the Morristown Police Department Law Enforcement Explorer Post #197 (a co-ed program for ages 14-20 who have an interest in a law enforcement career), and an after-school tutoring program which is offered at the Davis Homes Library.

Since the establishment of the position, the Morristown Housing Authority neighborhoods are cleaner, safer, and more positive in their interactions with members of the Morristown Police Department.

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