Public Information Unit

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Established in 2003, the Morristown Police Department’s Public Information Unit consists of three members. The Public Information Unit provides all media outlets with information concerning proactive and community-related information concerning the Morristown Police Department. The Unit responds to information and interview requests from all media outlets, including, but not limited to print, radio, and television.
Other Public Information Unit functions include:

  • Public awareness of events such as temporary road closings, safety evacuations and highway PIO Badgeconditions during inclement weather
  • Assist media personnel in covering news stories at scenes of incidents
  • ·Preparing and distributing agency media releases
  •  Arranging for and assisting at media conferences
  • Coordinating and authorizing the release of information about victims, witness, and suspects
  • Coordinating and authorizing the release of information 
    concerning confidential agency investigations and operations     
  • Developing procedures for releasing information when other public service agencies are involved in a mutual effort