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How do I satisfy a citation?
  1. Pay the citation prior to the court date in person, by mail or over the phone (credit or debit card).  The department does not take partial payments.  If mailing payment, send to: Morristown Police Department, PO BOX 1283, Morristown, TN 37816.
  2. You may appear in court and contest the violation.  Court is on Mondays at 3:00pm; citizens should arrive at 2:30pm to check in.
  3. You may attend a driver improvement program for dismissal upon payment of your citation and if you have not attended a  driver improvement program within the last five years; this may be accomplished at any time prior to your court date.  This court does not accept an on-line driver improvement program.
  4. Citations given for light law violations, muffler violations, violation of registration and no driver's license in possession may be dismissed prior to your court date. In order to have a dismissal you must present the Morristown Police Department proof the light or muffler has been repaired or that the registration (citation must be dated for less than 30 days from expiration date) or a valid driver's license has to be presented.  A $30.00 dismissal fee will be applied.  
  5. If a citation is received for Financial Responsibility and you did have insurance on the date of the citation and have never been charged for Violation of Financial Responsibility, you must appear in court on your court date or fill out an affidavit, have it notarized, and submit to the court clerk prior to your court date. The affidavit can be found here.  If you did not have insurance on the date you received your the citation, you must pay the citation or appear in court.

How do I attend the driver improvement program?
The driver improvement program is available to those who possess a valid driver’s license, and who have not attended the class in the past 5 years. To register for class, you must pay the fine at the cashier’s office and sign up in person at the Morristown Police Department prior to your court date.

Please note: If you have a commercial drivers license you are not eligible for defensive driving school.

In addition to the fine, the cost of attending class is $40.00; however, once you have completed the class your citation will be reported to the state as dismissed.

How much will a citation cost me?
Most fines are $107.50.

Will points be assessed against my license?
The Tennessee Department of Safety will assess points against your license for moving violations. You may obtain this information the following ways: 

  1. Visit
  2. Contacting your nearest drivers license office.
  3. Contacting the Department of Safety at (615)741-3954.

What happens if I don’t satisfy my citation?
If the citation is not paid, your driving privileges will be suspended by the Tennessee Department of Safety. If you receive a citation in Tennessee against your out of state license, your state may suspend your driver’s license upon notification that your ticket is outstanding.

Automated Enforcement Citations
If you have received an automated enforcement citation (Red Light or Speed Camera Citation), you may pay the citation (Cash or Check Only) at the City Center's Cashier’s Office, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or you may also mail your payment.  Automated Enforcement Citations cannot be paid by phone or with a credit or debit card, at the City Center. For credit or debit card payments, please visit

If you wish to have a hearing for the citation, please complete the request for hearing portion of the citation you receive from Redflex and mail it to the Morristown Police Department.

 Please note that an automated enforcement citation does not add points to your driving record.