Victim/Witness Assistance Program

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The Victim/Witness Assistance Program of the Morristown Police Department was established to offer assistance to victims of crime, which were personal in nature, i.e. domestic violence, rape, robbery, assault and other crimes against persons. The type of assistance offered includes acting as a liaison between the victims and the investigating officer, answering questions concerning the legal system, checking on court dates, and making referrals to other community service agencies. The Victim/Witness Program also works as a liaison between the District Attorney General’s office and the Morristown Police Department. The main goal of the Victim/Witness Coordinator is to ensure that victims’ rights are being observed while offering personal assistance to victims of crime.

General Information for victims and witnesses:

Key Definitions:

Victim: A person whose property or person has been violated.
Witness: Someone who has personal knowledge relating to the crime and who may be asked to testify to that knowledge.
Defendant: Person accused of a crime.
Testimony: Information given under oath in a court of law by a victim or witness.
Guilty Plea: Admission of guilt by accused person.
Warrant: A legal document requested by a victim and issued by a court authorizing search, seizure or arrest.
Subpoena: A written document issued by the state commanding a person to appear in court at a specific time and place.

Important Telephone Numbers:

Morristown Police Department Victim/Witness Services: (423) 317-1628
Ministerial Association Temporary Shelter (MATS): (423) 587-6287
Circuit & Sessions Court: (423) 586-5640
Youth Emergency Shelter: (423) 586-7740
District Attorney: (423) 581-6700
Central Services: (423) 586-9431
Cherokee Health Systems: (423) 586-5031
Juvenile Court Services: (423) 581-9422
East TN Human Services: (423) 587-6511
Sexual Assault Crisis Line of East Tennessee: (865) 522-7273
Department of Human Services: (423) 585-1444
Senior Citizen Home Assist. Services: (423) 586-2359