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The Storm Water Drainway division is used to account for right-of-way mowing within the city limits, since most grassy right-of-ways are within only feet of a storm drain. This division ensures that all applicable areas are well maintained and kept to standards. Responsible mowing and proper lawn care techniques keep obstructions, litter, and chemicals out of the storm drains and ultimately out of our rivers and streams. This division also includes a work crew that is dedicated to the repair and maintenance to the storm water system. Inspection, cleaning, repair of the storm water system is performed with light and heavy equipment.

This site contains information regarding the City's Stormwater Permit and how the public can become involved in keeping the waters of our City clean.  You'll also find information regarding stormwater regulations that may affect your construction project.

Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping For Municipal Operations

The final of the six stormwater permit requirements involves the City’s own operations. The City must evaluate all sources of potential pollution such as streets and roads, municipal parking lots, maintenance shops, outdoor storage areas, construction activities, parks maintenance and landscaping, and salt storage. Procedures to eliminate or reduce the potential for pollution must be developed, and employees must be trained on these procedures at least annually.

Quick Info

You may call our Stormwater Hotline at 423-585-4658 or email us at for any immediate stormwater issues.  Report an "illicit discharge" to the City's water (dumping trash, pouring motor oil down the drain, etc).  Provide a comment on a construction site.  let us know if you see any other issue which may lead to stormwater pollution.

Contact us for other issues:

Michael Poteet
Stormwater Coordinator

Contact for Plan Submittal Questions:
Jim Whitbeck, P.E.

City's Main Switchboard