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Neither the State of Tennessee or the federal government provides funding for the City’s Stormwater Program. In 2008, the City established a Stormwater Utility to provide funding for implementing the requirements of the Stormwater Permit and for maintaining and improving the storm sewer system. The City Council recently adjusted this fee to account for the rising costs of compliance. 

Single-family residences will now pay $2.50 per month, billed to their water or electric bill or separately by the City. Commercial facilities and non-profits will be charged $2.50 per “Equivalent Residential Unit” (ERU) of impervious area (driveways, patios, roofs, or other areas where stormwater does not infiltrate into the ground). An ERU is equal to 2,400 square feet and was determined to be the average amount of impervious area located at a home in the area. For rental properties, the landlord may pay the fee or may divide it amongst the tenants.