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Health inspection and welfare funs mosquito control and herbicide control. There are no employs funded by this division The labor needs for fulfilling the responsibilities of this division are supplemented from other divisions primarily the brush and snow removal division and the sanitation division. This division also provides fro the training and continued education requirements of mosquito and herbicide control.

The pavement management provides for the resurfacing, maintenance and improvements to existing streets, and construction of new streets within the City limits. Funding for these times is provided by has tax money collected by the State of Tennessee and allocated to the City.

This division is used for the construction and repair of sidewalks within the City and has an annual budget of $23,000.

This division is the funding mechanism for the installation of new street lights, maintenance of existing street lights and funds the energy charge and investment charge received from Morristown Utility Systems. A small number of lights are within the Appalachian Electric System. All pavement markings and traffic related signage is expensed through this division. Traffic signs are fabricated and installed by this division. Also, this division is responsible for the fabrication and installation of the vehicle decal markings for the Police department, Fire Department, Parks and Recreation Department as well as the Public Works Department.

This division is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of all streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, curb cuts, city construction projects, right of way mowing and guardrail installation. This division uses heavy equipment, dump trucks, backhoes along with specialized equipment to accomplish their task.

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