Decline in DUI Related Crashes

The Morristown Police Department is seeing a decline in DUI related traffic crashes.  Over the last three years there has been a gradual decrease.  In 2013, MPD recorded 72 DUI related crashes, 58 in 2014 and in 2015 there were 57.

The MPD has been working diligently to continue to see a decline in crashes, especially DUI related crashes.  During these three years, the department has had officers working overtime hours each month for Saturation Patrol.  These overtime monies are fully reimbursed through a grant, at no additional cost to the City. 

The grant gives an allotment on how much overtime money can be spent each year.  In 2013, the MPD worked approximately 835.5 additional man hours and in 2014, 791.5 additional man hours, equating more than 98 additional shifts devoted to saturation patrols in 2014.  However, 2015 proved to be the least amount of time spent on saturation patrols during the last three years.  The decrease is due to the grant funding; the grant gives the department the number of the reimbursable hours each year. Even with less monies spent, 2015 was an effective year and did show a decline for DUI related crashes.  Approximately 684.5 additional saturation patrol hours were worked.  This equates to more than 85 additional shifts, solely devoted to saturation patrol.  There were 483 citations issued, 117 arrests made and two vehicles were seized during these patrols. 

Overall, the Morristown Police Department’s efforts have been effective.  Due to efforts of MPD officers, the number of DUI related traffic crashes is approximately 2% of all traffic crashes within city limits.