MPD Tactical Team Training

Friday, August 19, 2016, the Morristown Police Department’s special teams conducted their annual multi-team training.  The purpose of the training in to ensure that the specialized units of the MPD are prepared to appropriately respond to a critical incident within our community and surrounding areas.  Training that involves all the specialized units allows each unit the opportunity to have a better understanding of operations of the other tactical response units in order to work effectively together to resolve  a variety of incidents. . The training included members from the Special Response Team, Crisis Negotiations Team, Public Information Unit and Explosive Ordinance Device Unit.  The focus this year was on utilizing new technology and new equipment in various crisis scenarios.

The initial training took part in the classroom; the primary focus was on safety.  Each unit was then given a description of their role in the rest of the training.  After the classroom portion, all units met at the driving track for an introduction to the Multi-Purpose Rescue Vehicle.  During the introduction, personnel were familiarized with the functions and capabilities of the vehicle.  After this familiarization, each unit was tasked with solving the utilization of the vehicle for each unit’s purpose in an emergency scenario.

Once the teams were comfortable with their operating procedures, the training division issued the following scenario:

“A patrol officer made a traffic stop with a male subject.  He brandished a handgun.  The officer retreated when the subject refused to comply.  At this point, MPD Special Response and Crisis Negotiations Teams were deployed.  Members of these teams were to negotiate a peaceful resolution with the suspect using the newly acquired special vehicle; Public Information personnel began putting together preliminary media releases. 

The scenario gave specialized teams the opportunity to find strengths and weaknesses while using the vehicle.  The knowledge of these capabilities before actually using the equipment in a real life situation is invaluable.  This increases the probability of a positive outcome, not only in this type scenario but in other situations as well.

Tactical Response Teams Training 8.19.16