Detective Morrison Graduates National Forensics Academy

Michael Morrison National Forensics Academy Graduation

Detective Michael Morrison of the Morristown Police Department graduated from the National Forensic Academy on November 18, 2016. Detective Morrison is the sixth National Forensic Academy graduate from the current staff of the Morristown Police Department. The National Forensics Academy was established in 2001.

 The program is an intensive 10 week program, held at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Officers selected to attend the academy receive classroom and hands-on training. Officers learn about crime scene management methods, crime scene photography, and techniques for collecting impression evidence. Officers use their crime scene management skills to work mock crime scenes; they observe how houses and cars burn and methods of evidence collection and preservation at a fire scene. They also do scenarios including explosives and analyze bloodstained evidence. The class of 28 students was the first class to have “practical experience at the newly-dedicated Anthropology Research Facility, “Body Farm,” according to Morrison. They also had instruction from world renowned researcher and founder of the “Body Farm,” Dr. William Bass.

Detective Morrison has served with the Morristown Police Department for 18 years. In addition to his daily investigations and evidence duties, Detective Morrison is a Computer Voice Stress Analyzer Operator, a member of the Crime Scene Team and C.H.A.S.E.

 Morrison stated, “One of the most important things I've learned during my law enforcement career is that justice is a team effort. In the course of any case, that team can include uniformed officers, plainclothes detectives, forensic technicians, supervisors, etc. I am only one part of the team, and only one of several officers at our department to have attended the NFA. I consider it a great privilege, and wish to express my gratitude to Chief Overholt, Captain Newman, and the department for this extraordinary opportunity."

Chief Overholt stated “we are pleased to have individuals, such as Detective Morrison, who are willing to put forth the efforts required to complete this type of training. Through the advanced training, of our officers, we strengthen our ability to provide the best public safety possible to the citizens of this community.”

 The current Morristown Police Department members who are National Forensics Academy graduates are: Lieutenant Todd King, Detective Darrin Burchfield, Detective Travis Stansell, Detective Ricky Sanders, Detective Mike Bacon and Detective Michael Morrison.