New Fire Marshal Brian Shepard

Brian ShepardAs Fire Marshal for the City of Morristown, Brian Shepard is responsible for fire inspections of new and existing structures. These inspections make sure that buildings are safe for inhabitation and up to code for proper fire protection. He works closely with the City’s Inspections Department to review building plans for sprinkler systems, fire alarms, building exits, and more. He works closely alongside the State Fire Marshal to ensure all building standards are met to create a safe community.

Shepard is also responsible for issuing burn permits within the City, educating the public on fire safety and installing smoke alarms. 
Shepard has been with the Morristown Fire Department for 19 years. He worked his way through the ranks, serving most recently as Battalion Chief. He graduated with degrees in Fire Protection from Walters State and a bachelor’s in Fire Administration from Colorado State University. He is certified as a fire inspector, hazardous materials technician, and CPR instructor.
Born and raised in Morristown, he has been married to his wife Heather for 15 years and they have 3 children. He grew up playing sports and was a member of the 1985 Little League World Series team. He continues his love for sports by coaching basketball, baseball and softball for Morristown Parks & Recreation.
Shepard approaches this position of Fire Marshal with humility and sensitivity, following the recent passing of the former Fire Marshal, Eual Noah. Shepard wrote the following about his comrade:

"Eual Noah wasn’t just the Fire Marshal; he was a good friend of mine. I had the opportunity at the firefighter rank to work on shift with him when he was an Engineer. I worked for him during his tenure as Fire Marshal conducting fire inspections. We spent a lot of time working together through the years and made many trips to various classes and conferences. He was a role model for me providing guidance professionally and personally. The tragic outcome from his accident on February 11th doesn’t just leave a void professionally, but also personally. He will surely be missed but his legacy will live one. He was passionate about the smoke alarm program that he worked so hard to make a success. He would often say, “Everyone Needs Operating Alarms in their Homes”. I never realized this before, but E. NOAH is embedded in that statement. So, moving forward, Eual will carry on with his smoke alarm program which will now be labeled the “E NOAH Project”. I am now charged with the task of taking his footsteps and moving forward. The Fire Marshal’s Office will continue to promote fire safety and strive to reduce hazards affecting life and property for the citizens, visitors and commerce of Morristown."