Morristown Police Department's Command Staff Hears from Community Members at Annual Training

The Morristown Police Department’s Command Staff went to the Department’s Annual Command Staff Training earlier this week.  Personnel heard from different instructors covering a variety of topics; however, the focus of day two was the community we serve.

Citizens in the community were selected to speak with personnel about perception of the department and aspects of services offered to citizens; these citizens also helped personnel how they can better help and work with these programs offered to help citizens.

First, Dr. Gary Brewster presented about M.A.T.S.  He informed the group of the new location, the intake process and talked about those they serve.  Dr. Brewster also expressed his gratitude for what the MPD does, as well as gave supervisory personnel input on how they could assist M.A.T.S. when they are bringing people to them.  Mrs. Carolyn Jarnagin with Food on Foot was the next presenter.  She detailed the mission of the organization, how and why she started it, and who they serve and what they do.  She also provided personnel with how they can help.  Making a presence at some events would help show the community the Department’s support.

The last two community speakers were Pastor Jennifer Pressley along with husband Ron Pressley with Breath of Life Ministries and Larry Shropshire with Daily Bread.  Pastor Pressley and her husband gave insight on what they are doing in the community.  They spoke about their church as well as the men’s home.  They encouraged officers to stop by the home anytime and if they know of a man in need, who may not be able to go to another organization, to bring them down or give them the information.  Hobe Williams’ son, Larry Shropshire, spoke about why Daily Bread was opened.  He discussed the impact that law enforcement has there when their presence is made.  He informed MPD supervisors that those served at Daily Bread can sit down and talk to volunteers about life and what has happened and work on getting things back on track.  Mr. Shropshire asked that officers come help serve and have conversation with these citizens to know that bettering yourself is possible.

Morristown Police Department also had courses about Leadership and De-escalation from Dr. Jeff Lindsey with University of Tennessee’s Law Enforcement Innovation Center, updates about the Attorney General’s Office and Domestic Violence laws from U.S. Attorney Rob Reeves and Deputy Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Wayne Taylor.  Other MPD supervisory personnel as well as Walters State Community College’s Nathan Antrican presented topics such as Bloodborne Pathogens, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Mental Illness and Child Sex Abuse, AMBER Alert and Silver Alert. 

The Morristown Police Department is grateful to have the opportunity to receive this type of training and continue the professional development of supervisors.