The City of Morristown is currently accepting applications for its Emergency Repair Program.

The Emergency Repair Program uses Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to provide grants to lower income homeowners within the city requiring emergency repairs for hazardous or life-threatening problems in their homes. The maximum amount of assistance for each dwelling is up to $5,000.00 in One-System repairs including plumbing, electrical, heating, or roofing. Work may also include renovations to improve accessibility to and within the unit.

For emergency actions immediately necessary to safeguard against imminent danger to human life, health or safety, or to protect property from further structural damage (such as when a property has been damaged by a natural disaster, fire, or structural collapse).
What Type of Repairs are Available?
• Roof
• Porches
• Window Repair
• Sewer Repair
• Flooring Repair
• Plumbing
• Rewiring or other electrical work
• Handicap Modifications
• And much, much more...

How Much Will I Have to Pay?
To make your home more comfortable and safe, assistance is available to qualified low income homeowners. The City of Morristown Emergency Home Repair program offers a "NO CHARGE" whatsoever for the services performed on one system (roof or electric or plumbing etc.) up to $5000.00.

How to Apply
Contact CAC Housing & Energy Services at

ATTN: City of Morristown Contractors
CAC Housing & Energy Services are looking for local contractors to perform work in the City of Morristown. If you are interested in applying, please contact CAC Housing.