Temperatures are expected to drop next week as winter approaches and the colder temperatures make it tempting to turn your car on to warm up before you head out the door.  The Morristown Police Department (MPD) advises against leaving your car unattended while it is running.  

Each year the number of stolen vehicle reports rise as temperatures plummet.  Running vehicles left unlocked and unattended create a crime of opportunity for would-be criminals.  While it is not illegal to leave your car unattended and running in your own driveway, it is risky.  Remote vehicle starters are widely available which allow you to have your car running without the key in the ignition.  Another option to more safely warm up your vehicle is to have two keys for your vehicle; use one key to turn on the vehicle and lock the doors while the car warms up and the second key to unlock the doors when you are ready to leave.  Remember to never leave your car running inside an enclosed area such as a garage or basement.

If you do fall victim to this crime, report the theft immediately.  Knowing the license plate number, make, model and VIN will help to enter the vehicle in a database so that it can be located and returned should law enforcement encounter it.