DUI-Related Crashes Decrease


The Morristown Police Department regularly participates in saturation patrols aimed at reducing impaired driving after seeing an increase in the number of traffic crashes involving alcohol.   In 2012, there were 72 DUI related traffic crashes within the city, and in 2013 the Morristown Police Department worked 44 crashes involving impaired drivers; 40 of which resulted in injury.  In 2014, 73 crashes in Morristown were attributed to alcohol. 

The MPD received a grant to fund additional patrol hours in an attempt to apprehend intoxicated drivers before they become involved in a traffic crash.  The saturation patrols were scheduled on a weekly basis during statistically high times of traffic crash problems. 

The results have been encouraging. Since November 1, 2014, there were a total of 1,241 crashes reported to the Morristown Police Department with only 42 being contributed to alcohol or drug use-a 42% decrease from last year.

MPD Major Michelle Jones states “we will continue to make every effort available to further the trend of reduced traffic crashes and fewer impaired drivers on our streets which will make our whole community safer”.