Public Works

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The Morristown Public Works Department day to day activities are supported by fifteen divisions and is headed up by a Public Works Director and 3 Superintendents. The department employs 64 persons and has more than 40 vehicles and pieces of equipment to carry out its services.

Public Works is responsible for the City's fleet maintenance, street right-of-way maintenance, as well as street signs and pavement marking, brush and snow removal, sidewalks, storm drains and ways, street cleaning, and sanitary sewer collection system maintenance.

The City of Morristown provides weekly semi-automated curbside garbage pickup, regularly scheduled curbside yard waste pickup and curbside recycling. The Public Works Department also assists other City departments in their service to citizens and industry. The budget for the Public Works Department is 10.5 million dollars.

The daily responsibilities for the department are assigned to the Public Works Director; his assistants include an Administrative Secretary, a Street Superintendent, a Sanitation Superintendent, a Equipment Maintenance Superintendent, a Storm Water Coordinator and a Safety and Training Coordinator.


Public Works Director
Paul E. Brown