Gov. Haslam announces new Rockline Industries location in Morristown

This morning, Governor Bill Haslam made a visit to Morristown to announce a new industry that will be locating in the East Tennessee Valley Industrial District (ETVID).

Rockline Industries, the leading producer of coffee filters, baby wipes and medical wipes wet will be forming a new subsidiary, Iatric Manufacturing Solutions, that will bring 250 new jobs to Morristown and will invest $40.3 million dollars into the community. 
This move by Rockline will bring revitalization to the east side of town. They have chosen a 40-acre site with an existing building that has sat vacant for many years. Their renovation of this building, along with an addition, will create a 435,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The plant is expected to be operational beginning in 2018.
Rockline is headquartered out of Sheboygan, WI and operates facilities across the globe, including Arkansas, New Jersey, England and South China. It's a family company, run by brothers Randy and Rob Rudolph, founded by their immigrant father in 1976. They employ over 2,500 people globally. 
In attendance for this announcement were Governor Haslam along with Rockline officials, Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe, Mayor Chesney and Mayor Brittain, members of the Chamber and Industrial Board and other community members that made this new industry location possible.
Morristown has become a leader in the manufacturing and industry, making this a great location for Rockline. We welcome them into our community and look forward to the benefits it will bring to our residents.

For the full announcement from the Governor's office, CLICK HERE.

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