When Traffic Signals are Inoperable

MPD Reminds Drivers of Proper vehicle Use when Traffic-Control Signals are Inoperable 

September 24, 2018

 The Lakeway area is coming up on a season that includes an increase of storms.  As storms increase in number, the likelihood of power outages increases as well.  When the power goes out, traffic signals could become inoperable.  The Morristown Police Department (MPD) would like to remind citizens the rules for operating a vehicle in these conditions.


The MPD cautions drivers to approach inoperable traffic signals as four way stops.   According to Tennessee Code Annotated 55-8-110, any driver of any vehicle approaching an intersection with a traffic-control signal that is inoperable shall come to a full and complete stop.  The driver may proceed with due caution when it is safe to do so.  If there are two or more drivers at the intersection from different directions, after coming to full and complete stops, the driver of the vehicle on the left shall yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on the right.  Drivers are reminded that traffic signals flashing are not considered inoperable.  Flashing red lights, drivers are required to stop prior to proceeding, and yellow flashing lights drivers are to proceed through the intersection with caution.


While those who work at the street department are working diligently to fix the traffic signals when they go out, drivers can help to reduce the chances of traffic crashes by remembering to come to a complete stop when approaching an inoperable traffic signal.